DaGFs Enza

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It’s time to do some household chores with DaGFs Enza! After a very hearty dinner, we join our happy helper in the kitchen in washing the dishes. However, the suds are making Enza a bit more playful with her tasks. All she has on is her short length shorts that snugs her hips and crotch area, and nothing more on top! As she’s enjoying the soap action, she grabs on to her breasts and covers them, not minding the mess she made. She leans further back at the kitchen counter with that naughty smile on her face, showing off her pearly whites.

DaGFs Samora


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Need a playmate in your own backyard? Let DaGFs Samora entertain you for the day! Backside posing by the fence with a somewhat school girl like skirt and tanks top, Samora looks over her shoulder to give us a good exposure of her backside. She brings out a smirk on her face as she grabs on to one of her ass cheeks and tries to spread them open. This girl isn’t wearing any panty so we can see that fine smooth bum of hers. Deep down, we can also get a glimpse of her pussy line which is smooth and ready for a nice cock.

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With a semi-abstract wallpaper as background, the pale white skinned girl DaGFs Chrissy Marie is on our casting bed, opening herself for some erotic exploration. Chrissy has healthy black hair that falls down to her shoulders. The combination of her skin tone and her hair color makes her beautiful eyes pop! As she tilts her head to the side and rests slightly back, she has her perky breasts on full show and she’s giving her smooth cooch a nice rub using her hands. Her legs are spread wide open to get a clearer view of her pinkish cunt. How about diving in now?

DaGFs Roxy Belladonna

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Some girls like to do some posing in their beds or in the bathroom mirror. For DaGFs Roxy Belladonna, she chooses a different path for her own naked portrait. She’s lying down flat on the floor with her skin having contact to the wool material of the carpet. As she poses on camera, she gives a smirk and shows that she’s rubbing her breast with her hand. From this angle, her head has been partly cropped, but the most important thing here is, we can still see her fine assets. Aside from her round breasts, you can also see her smooth pussy which she’s trying to hide using her legs.

DaGFs Whitney

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Why look over the porch when you have a better view of a hot curvy lady posing on it? We have DaGFs Whitney striking a timid pose on camera, contradicting the fact that she has her interesting parts exposed. She has her hair styled and pulled back away from her face, and she angles her face to the side as she stares on the camera. Clasping her hands together, trying to cover the string bikini she’s wearing, her huge round breasts are squeezed in between. You can also see how round and wide her nipples are! For a body type like her, that tiny piece of clothing she’s wearing sure fits her perfectly.

DaGFs Mari

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Deep looks from a big round eyed girl DaGFs Mari. She’s left alone in the room today with nothing to do. Since she has her camera with her, she decided to play with it to pass the time away. Without using a tripod, she uses both of her arms to support her camera and to click it as soon as she has her pose. In this captured photo, Mari has herself looking down, trying to adjust to the camera’s frame. Her bust area is more of the center of attention in this shot and we can see how perky her hooters are.

DaGFs Gisele

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Blending in to the tiles of the brightly colored shower room is the blonde and beautiful DaGFs Gisele. This long haired girl is unlike any other. She makes use of the space given to her in a shoot and exerts poses that make the whole feel of the photo really eye catching. A view of her backside was what she decided to show off. She’s really feeling the moment of pushing her lower back towards the camera… you can see it in the way she looks over her shoulder and opens her mouth. That smooth and fine ass deserves some slapping!

DaGFs Victoria

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Nope, it ain’t cheerleading practice and what DaGFs Victoria is wearing here isn’t her cheerleading skirt either. This sexy and tempting girl loves to flaunt her nice body anytime and with that, she’s wearing quite a short skirt that looks like she’s a head of the cheering squad. We catch up with Victoria in her very own room without a top on. She bends over to the camera and gives an inviting look. She covers her supple breasts with her hands and you can see that she has a nicely toned figure too. I wonder if she can do a split for us.

DaGFs Kitsune

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Anytime is a perfect time to strip and show off your headlights… that’s what DaGFs Kitsune is all about. This long dark haired girl with blonde highlights on her hair is sporting a somewhat geeky look but in a more erotic and sensual way. You can even describe her as an exhibitionist and a very brave gal since she was able to flash her breasts out in a public place. She pulls down her bra from the middle part until her breasts are on full exposure. Pretty much, when a girl like Kitsune would be gifted with a nice pair of melons, she shouldn’t be shy at flaunting it.

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If you want someone who is willing to spend a whole day in bed with you, put DaGFs Maggi on the list! Short haired gal Maggi knows how to make the most out of a bed space. She’s in the bedroom, on top of her own bed without any top on. All she has with her is her panty and pair of jeans. As she bends down with her face closer to the bed, she faces the camera and gives a playful smile. We can see from this angle her small breasts topped with perky nipples. Her string lace thongs are already making a cameo appearance out from her pants.